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 The Vacuum Boys: Space Breakdance Challenge
 Takashi Mobile Records, Amsterdam (June 2004)

This nine-song EP was recorded in live concerts in December at the Auf Abwegen Festival / C.U.B.A.; MŁenster, Germany, at the Goldfinger, Frankfurt Germany and at The Boys' home Prins Studios in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during 2003.  A few tracks snippets:

It includes the little-known adventure "Moonwalk Breaks" which is The Vacuum Boys secret code phrase for the adventure that saved the world "as we know it."  Not to spoil the story presented by the CD, but you all remember in 1986 when those space aliens invaded Earth and gave us all that one last ultimatum?  If Earth could produce a champion brakdance team and beat the invaders wit' some radical breakin' moves, then the Earth would be spared?  Although a classified United Nations secret, the rest, as they say, is history... All we can say is  Thank You Vacuum Boys!!

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