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About The Vacuum Boys
Vacuum Boy #1 - Heimir Bj÷rg˙lfsson (www.bjorgulfsson.com)
Icelandic artist Bj÷rg˙lfsson lives and works in Amsterdam.  His audio works involve approaching sound with a constructed visual and physical aspect including recent solo releases which feature natural recordings in Iceland taken and manipulated digitally and mixed with digitally generated sounds to form a an exploration and composition focusing on the difference between natural and digital acoustics.  His discography includes 7 solo releases and over 20 Stilluppsteypa and other collaborative releases to date.  He also ran the FIRE.inc. label for 11 years completing 24 releases.

 (www.pivotaudio.com) Vacuum Boy #2 - Guy Amitai
Sound explorer and manipulator has been working with midi, analogue synthesis and sensor-based instruments for years.  As Retro-a.k.a. he constructs machine error sounds which are deconstructed and processed, extracting the rhythms and textures as the foundation of large envelopes of aural manipulation.  Recent projects also include real-time audio experiments and image manipulation, granulariaation and continuing work in sonic disturbance. His discography includes releases on Gumi Recordings, K.I.P./Staalplaat and NFRT Records, UK.

Vacuum Boy #3 - Gert-Jan Prins (www.gjp.info)
Prins' music creates a brutal world where electrical breaking points become blasting moments of sharpened sensual attention.  Gert-Jan Prins started out as a rock drummer, continued as an
improviser, but restarted soldering self-made electronic machines in the mid-90s.  His unique self-developed electronic system uses radio- and transmitter technology, and creates strong noises with great physical energy.  During the last four years Gert-Jan Prins, living in Amsterdam, established himself as one of the central electronic performers in improvised music.  Besides The Vacuum Boys, his solo-project, current collaborations include E-RAX (with Lehn, Van Bergen, Dolleman),The Flirts (with Cor Fuhler), MIMEO, he played with Lee Ranaldo, Pita, Fennesz, Anne la Berge, Domenico Sciajno, Luc Houtkamp and Misha Mengelberg.

Vacuum Boy #4 - Dan Armstrong (htdocs.com)
Armstrong is one of the rockin'est Vacuum Boys, that's for sure.  Rockin' - totally representin.' etc.  He's been working in experimental solo guitar composition since the mid-1980's and has been involved in collaborations with various artists and musicians, largely working with multitimbral loops and minimal effects based on layered delays, harmonics and visual narratives allowing visual dialogue to drive music as it sees fit.

Art Direction - Meeuw (www.meeuw.net)
Graphic artist and label heavy Jos Moers has been cranking out genius products for music, publication, press and promotions industry for a while yo.  The creative vision behind The Boys' whacky beeld is his brainchild, so you can also blame him, sort of.

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