Takashi Space was launched in March 2005 as an international venture dedicated to planning projects supporting the future of space access. With offices in Seattle, Washington US and Amsterdam NL, Takashi Space seeks to assist companies, governments and the research community in defining strategies for lower-cost space access which may not have been considered previously.

Takashi Space focuses on a number of new, innovative technologies for alternate and/or lower-cost access to space, as well as envisioning new forms and locations for launch facilities that better suit current companies, governments and universities, as well as the challenges of space access in the 21st century.

We believe that these three elements are key to successful space access in the future. With the impending commercialisation of many areas of space systems technology and transportation comes the requirement to take a new look at space business, costs and benefits to communities that wish to explore new ventures. Successful projects in the 21st century will require new thinking and new business models.

Projects include:

SS.013 Support for the International Space University SSP13 Space Studies Program (Strasbourg FR), focused on the feasibility, policy structure and approach for creation of an African space agency.

FL.032 - Cameroon Space Port - Feasibility study for ground-based preparation and launch facilities, funding, commercial opportunities and community involvement for a new space launch facility in Africa. This includes basic business metrics, environmental factors, costs and commercial pipeline forecasts, a community involvement plan, energy and transportation infrastructure overview, a funding and subsidy plan that matches the facilities profitability, as well as a roadmap to expansion of launch services to include future space access technologies.

SE.002 - Position paper and feasibility study for commercialisation of space elevator / tether technologies. Takashi Space has been working on the ground-based infrastructure required to facilitate maintaining a profitable and safe space elevator tether point, and the requirements for expansion to multiple tether points and new elevator systems.

CO.001 - Work on a near-term consortium feasibility study for emerging space technology companies, countries with smaller space programmes and alternate access to space advocates. This consortium would present a way for companies to share ideas and development resources where appropriate, facilitate joint projects and provide pathways to collaboration between organisations with similar goals that could benefit from the cost-savings of cooperation.

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