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Armstrong (US) is a collage guitar artist living in Amsterdam, working with loops, delay and feedback since 1985, and began releasing music and performing in Europe in 1997.  Work includes concerts, CDs and performances - solo or in collaboration with varoius artists, soound designers, visual mnedia artists and musicians. Discogs Listing.  Some releases and projects listed here ..


live concerts and events

09 Apr 2010

Fitness Landscape ALL EARS / WOLFART muziek, Charlois, Rotterdam NL (w/Radboud Mens)

19 Jan 2006

Kinetic engineering #1 / Overtoom 301, Amsterdam NL - concept tracks here

25 Jan 2004

The Vacuum Boys Ausland, Berlin DE

24 Jan 2004

The Vacuum Boys Stubnitz, Rostock DE

23 Jan 2004

The Vacuum BoysNordatlantens Elektronika / Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen DK

11 May 2003

The Vacuum Boys – Silke Abricht, Hannover DE

10 May 2003

The Vacuum Boys – Extrapool, Nijmegen NL

07 Dec 2002

The Vacuum Boys – Goldfinger, Frankfurt DE

06 Dec 2002

The Vacuum Boys – Auf Abwegen Festival/C.U.B.A, Muenster DE

11 May 2002

Kinski Club – Berlin DE (w/87 Central)

15 Feb 2002

The Vacuum Boys – Club Dodo / WORM Café, Rotterdam NL

27 Oct 2001

Drones Festival 2001 / Theatre Kikker , Utrecht NL (w/87 Central)

22 Apr 2001

Grasshopper Festival 2001 / Grasland Studios, Haarlem NL (w/87 Central)

17 Feb 2001

The Ear 2001 - Staalplaat Festival / Overtoom 301, Amsterdam NL (w/87 Central)

12 Nov 2000

Boomcar Concertino / Audio Drive-In Theory Machine / Museum De Paviljoens, Almere NL

07 Oct 2000

The Vacuum Boys – Mixer Cinema Concerts #3, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam NL

14 Sep 2000

World Wide Video Festival #18 – Melkweg, Amsterdam NL (w/Radboud Mens)

15 Jun 2000

Power Trio: Armstrong, Mens, Samartzis – Extrapool, Nijmegen NL (w/Radboud Mens, Philip Samartzis)

11 May 2000

Kunstvlaai 4 – Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam NL (w/Radboud Mens)

19 Dec 1999

OT301 Open Dag w/members of Zion Train & DFF – Overtoom 301, Amsterdam NL (w/Radboud Mens)

14 Dec 1999

Enclosed Harmonics / Stairwell – Lost Boys offices, Amsterdam NL (w/Radboud Mens)

05 Nov 1999

Derail – Onder Tussen de Bogen, Amsterdam NL (w/Radboud Mens)


releases (CD, Vinyl, Online) 

Jul 2011

Fitness Landscape, TM03, CD, Takashi Mobile Records, Amsterdam/Rotterdam NL - tracks here, Fluid Radio review, Vital Weekly review (D)

Jul 2005

Dan Armstrong 1985-2005, TM02, DVD, Takashi Mobile Records, Amsterdam NL (D)

Jul 2004

The Vacuum Boys – Space Breakdance Challenge, TM01, CD, Takashi Mobile Records, Amsterdam NL, B-BLOC review, DE:BUG review, Kathodic review (D)

Jun 2002

The Vacuum Boys The Vacuum Boys Play Songs From the Sea of Love, cat. f24, CD, Fire-Inc., Amsterdam NL, Dusted review, brainwashed review, Vital Weekly review, Incursion review (D)

Apr 2002

From Midnight On, TM00, solo 4CDr, Takashi Mobile Records, Amsterdam NL - tracks here

Feb 2002

solo compilation track flscp, 50 hz on v/a tu'm, soundtracks // Feb, www.tu-m.com (D)


contributions and collaborations 

Oct 2008

Guitar contributions to L0SD soundtrack for Laura Bakker DVD "Eindloos Hameren..." (www.artmajeur.com/laurabakker/ and www.artmajeur.com/laurabakker/) (w/Radboud Mens)

Apr 2003

Guitar contributions to 87 Central track on the NOTV Compilation DVD NOTV: Visual Music 1

Dec 2002

Guitar contributions to two tracks on 87 Central CD Sax Mower, cat. JDK06 – JDK Productions (D)

Oct 2002

Guitar contributions to four tracks and composition contribution on one for the 87 Central CD Formation, cat. STCD 187, Staalplaat Records (D)

Mar 2001

Solo compilation track The Locked Groove and remix by Electronic Music, London UK

Jan 2001

Guitar contributions (as "Elena Rauschenbach") for tracks on various CDs including KLANG #2 and Oink?? Go and do likewise, !oot,evilnacskcud 001, Michigan US


broadcast radio 

20 Jan 2004

The Vacuum Boys – Live broadcast on Danish National Radio Uge 4, "Radium" hosted by Ralf Christensen

09 Dec 2002

The Vacuum Boys aan De ConcertZender – Astra Satellite, Hilversum NL

15 Oct 2002

BBC3 Radio's "Mixing It" – collaborations with JDK for a radio show on Amsterdam experimental music, 90-93 FM, London UK (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixing_It) - tracks here

01 Jul 2001

Radio contributions & interview for 1-hour broadcast on Amsterdam music for Berlin Regional Public Radio - audio here



Feb 2000

Contribution to sound installation – [instant::] - [mood=association/time]=instant, sound design collaboration for Jeff Jott exhibit @ The Bullet Space Gallery, New York, NY US

Jul 1998

Festival Kangoeroe – co-coordinator for the 4-day soundcell experimental music performances in a larger art show, Vrieshuis Amerika, Amsterdam NL

1998 - 2001

Founded and co-managed E.R.S. as an experimental label releasing 10 vinyl LP releases + 3 CDs during this period; produced most of these recordings and engineered the 162-track locked groove project, Amsterdam NL (D)

1997 - 2002

Radio 100 – programming and performing live radio, planning work for activities surrounding the "The Radio 100 Experience” events, promotion, festivals, political action groups and CD releases, Amsterdam NL

1994 - 1995

Armageddon – regular club dj at Club Heaven, Capitol Ballroom, The Roxy, Mr. Henry’s, Poseur’s, Tracks and other industrial club nights from 1995 to 1997, Washington, DC US