Low-fidelity development, thoughts, movement from April 2000 until April 2001


This collection is created from lo-fi source materials, random recordings and sketched from April 2000 until April 2001 in my studio in Amsterdam.  There is no attempt to edit or control the content within these envelopes, nor to try to explain their order or placement.  A few have been edited for time to ensure that they can fit onto 4 CDs.

I firmly believe that these pieces, when listened to – as a whole – accurately reflect how I see music and sound, what I find important about the process of music and what I overlook in the creation of a product.  I have not designed this prior to recording these sounds, I have come to this realisation after listening to this year of work.  While recording sound, what I leave out is as important as what I include.  The errors, transitions and blatant mistakes, as well as choices I seem to have made deep in the night tells some sort of story.  It is my opinion that this is the actual story of myself.  It falls a bit out of my control and this is ok.  I believe that the people I have included on this release list will get it.  This is music I make for myself.


Limited edition of 20.  Number    ______  / 20.

Dan Armstrong, 18 April 2001


CD1         APRIL 2000 – JUNE 2000

1.             Guitar,  television, Merzbow noise  and live radio 100 night loops captured from the radio, produced in 1997 by Penumbra UK..  April 2000.

2.             Vinyl records, locked grooves, CDs, television and environmental sounds created in thinking about a radio 100 programme.  April 2000.

3.             Television.  May 2000.

4.             Guitar.  May 2000.

5.             Television including the uncut version of Terminator 2 broadcast from the source with heavy saturated distortion, Muslimgauze.  May 2000.

6.             Guitar, live feedback.  June 2000.

7.             Environmental recordings made at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam,.  June 2000.

8.             Guitar.  June 2000.

9.             Television, Irma la Douce with S. MacLaine and J. Lemmon, 1963.  June 2000.

10.           Guitar, television ambience of Rocky II, environmental sounds, The Matrix, rain.  June 2000.

11.           Guitar.  June 2000.


CD2         JUNE 2000 – SEPTEMBER 2000

1.             Guitar, television (Irma la Douce).  June 2000.

2.             Coquette.  Guitar, television (Irma la Douce), Indonesian soundscapes, rain.  June 2000.

3.             Guitar.  June 2000.

4.             Guitar, television.  June 2000.

5.             Television.  August 2000.

6.             Guitar.  August 2000.

7.             Environmental recordings made on the north side of the City Orchid Garden, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  August 2000.

8.             Environmental recordings made of a monsoon storm, cut into segments, bangkok, Thailand.  August 2000.

9.             Guitar.  August 2000.

10.           Guitar.  August 2000.

11.           Television.  August 2000.

12.           Environmental recordings made of the fireworks ceremony of Amsterdam's Sail 2000 Festival, recorded from my apartment.  August 2000.

13.           Television, Star Trek.  August 2000.

14.           Guitar.  August 2000.

15.           Crest.  Guitar and effected guitar loops.  September 2000.

16.           Guitar.  September 2000.

17.           Television.  September 2000.

18.           Guitar.  September 2000.

19.           Guitar.  September 2000.


CD3         SEPTEMBER 2000 – Jan 2001

1.             Television.  September 2000.

2.             Guitar.  Jan 2001.

3.             Television.  October 2000.

4.             Television and ideas for locked groove record mixes.  Nov 2000.

5.             Environmental recordings of the annual Sint Nicolas Parade in Amsterdam.  Nov 2000.

6.             Television, Thunderbirds.  Nov 2000.

7.             Guitar.  Jan 2001.

8.             Environmental recordings, Amsterdam North.  Jan 2001.

9.             Television, guitar and 87 Central live remixing and feedback,  Jan 2001.


CD4         Jan 2001 – APRIL 2001

1.             Guitar and 87 Central live remixing and feedback,  Jan 2001.

2.             Remixed guitar from live 87 Central and Radboud Mens sessions in 2000, combined with 87 Central drum loops.  Feb 2001.

3.             Guitar.  Feb 2001.

4.             Television and guitar.  March 2001.

5.             Guitar.  April 2001.